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Ed's list of Cool Stuff

The Capitol Steps (US political satire singing group)
Kenyon College (my alma mater)
Purple Thunderbolt of Spode (PURPS) - Archive

Travel + World Information

Asia Travel Network
CIA World Fact Book 2001
The Connecticut Guide (USA)
Connecticut History Illustrated (USA) [an awesome project]
Connecticut information from WikiTravel
Visit New Haven, Connecticut
Gay Guides to Connecticut
DuckDuckGo search engine listings
Edge New England lgbt news (Well, they cover Boston and Providence, Connecticut gets left out)
New Haven Gay Resources from the New Haven Pride Center
and their Facebook page
OutFilm CT - Connecticut gay and lesbian film festival
Hong Kong Tourist Association
International Traveller's Health
Vaccination Requirements, Health Advice, and much more!
Internet Travel Resources
U.S. State Department Travel Warnings (URL may change with their screwy site)
The Virtual Tourist

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